Blatta (Shelfordella) lateralis (Walker, 1868)

Blatta lateralis

  • ahngeri Adelung, 1910
  • sillemi (Hanitsch, 1935)
  • tartara (Saussure, 1874)
  • zarudnyi Adelung, 1910

Common names: Turkistan Cockroach
Useful information: Non-climbers, flightless but males can jump. Occasionally a domiciliary pest.
Distribution: Asia (central); Caucasus Mountains; Azerbaijan; Afghanistan; Iran; Kashmir; Iraq; Africa (northeastern Africa); Egypt; Palestine; Israel; United Arab Emirates; Saudi Arabia; Sudan; Libya; USA [adventive]; Mexico [adventive]
Size: 22-28 mm
Reproduction and ontogeny: Ovipary (ootheca is dropped). They grown up in 3-5 months (depends on temperature). 15-20 babies hatches from the ootheca in approx. 3-20 weeks.
Morphology: The nymphs are light brown first then as they grow up they will be a bit more darker. Males are macropterous and have a beautiful golden tegmina. Females are apterous (wingless) and much darker then males.

  • Temperature: 23°C-33°C
  • Humidity: 40%-60%
  • Food: Vegetables, fruits and protein (dry cat or dog food) would be enough.

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