Elliptorhina javanica (Hanitsch, 1930)

Elliptorhina javanica

Synonyms: none
Common names: Javan Hissing Roach; Halloween Hisser; Halloween Hissing Cockroach
Useful information: Climbers.
Distribution: Madagascar (south)
Size: 45-60 mm
Reproduction and ontogeny: Ovovivipary. The gestation period is about 3-4 months then the female gives life to 15-20 babies.
Morphology: Males have a pair of horn on their pronotum which is used to fight for females or territory. The nymphs are dark brown but they loosing it as they grow up. Adults and older juveniles has a yellow-black stripped color that makes them look like gigantic hornets.

  • Temperature: 25-28 °C // 77°F-82°F
  • Humidity: 40%-50%
  • Food: Vegetables, fruits, protein (dry cat or dog food) and rotten wood with dried leaves.
  • Other information: They are the members of the group called ‘hissers’. Whenever they threatened, they forcibly expel air through a pair of modified abdominal spiracles, what are part of their respiratory system. This sound occurs while courtship and mating too.

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