Gyna caffrorum (Stål, 1856)

Gyna caffrorum

  • conspicua (Walker, 1868)
  • scripta (Walker, 1868)
  • stridulans Karny, 1908

Common names: Chrome Roach; Ghost Porcelain Cockroach
Useful information: Fast runner, only adults can climb and fly.
Distribution: South Africa (Cape province); South Africa (Natal province); South Africa (Orange Free State province); Botswana; Namibia; Angola; South Africa (Transvaal province); Swaziland; Mozambique
Size: 20-30 mm
Reproduction and ontogeny: Ovovivipary.
Morphology: Nymphs have dark and light coloration and orange legs that they keep as adults. Both sexes are macropterous and have beautiful colors and patterns. The scheme varies from whitish through blueish and magnificent purple. The pronotum has a unique pattern. Females much larger than males.

  • Temperature: 24°C-28°C // 75°F-82°F
  • Humidity: 40%-50%
  • Food: Vegetables, fruits, protein (dry cat or dog food) and rotten wood with dried leaves.
  • Other information: All stages like to burrow in dry, dust like substrate. Adults come out at sunset.

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