Gyna lurida Saussure, 1899

Gyna lurida

Synonyms: none
Common names: Porcelain Cockroach
Useful information: Fast runner, only adults can climb and fly.
Distribution: Tanzania; Tanzania (Zanzibar Island)
Size: 25-34 mm
Reproduction and ontogeny: Ovovivipary. One litter can contains 200 babies!
Morphology: Nymphs have a dark and light color pattern. Both sexes are macropterous and their color is very variable. They could be whitish, brownish, a bit purple and even yellow! The females are larger than males.

  • Temperature: 24°C-30°C // 75°F-86°F
  • Humidity: 30%-50%
  • Food: Vegetables, fruits, protein (dry cat or dog food) and rotten wood with dried leaves.
  • Other information: All stages like to burrow in dry, dust like substrate. Adults come out at sunset. Keep them as dry as possible, but make sure they can drink.

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